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Rinnie the Weasel is very clever and kind of obnoxious. He’s about as much fun as a barrel of monkeys mixed with a puppy rolling in the mud; in other words, he likes getting into mischief. He lives in the McElvery Woodlands, and luckily, has some very patient friends, including Matilda the Fawn, Chadwick the Beaver, and Horatio the Frog.

All Rinnie wants to do is have fun and play with his friends, but he’s developed a bit of a bad reputation. Some of his buddies get annoyed at his antics and don’t always want to play because Rinnie can be messy and rude. It’s a good thing his pals love him despite his various escapades, but what happens when he goes too far? Well, his friends want to wring his neck, that’s what!

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Rinnie the Weasel
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Rinnie the Weasel